Installation for Museum of Vancouver

Let’s Rock the Boat

Objectives and Goals: To help the local community connect, engage and play

Target Audience: People living in Vancouver

Available Materials: Umbrella, projector, go pro, bicycle, batteries.

In order to inspire the local community to connect, engage and play, our group has creating a mobile row boat that offers a variety of games and workshops on board. This wheeled boat, pulled by a bicycle has standing in its center, a large umbrella that captures a video projected up and onto its inner surface. This projection will prompt group conversation by showing a variety of images with thought provoking questions and perceptual puzzles. To help reach a larger audience and provide happiness outside of the Museum of Vancouver our happiness vehicle we will roll from Emily Carr University to the Museum of Vancouver all the while sending location and video data back to the museum.

1. Umbrella Discussions: Projected onto the inside of the umbrella will be a series of thought provoking and engaging questions to inspire participants to connect. Such questions will include, “Find something you each have in common”, or “What are you passionate about?”

2. Perception Puzzles: on the inside of the umbrella, video and images will be projected. As a group, participants will have to guess what they are viewing and create conversation around what they see.

3. Secret Smile Ninja: a series of handmade cards that have a set of instructions on them for spreading happiness. Instructions include “Share a joke with someone”, “Give someone a hug”. Ongoing activities include our menu of free


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